Designer Collection Shining Sheen & Movement Myst

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Shining™ Sheen and Movement Myst provides hair with a high degree of natural-looking sheen. When activated with the heat of a blow-dryer, Shining™ adds brilliance and builds an invisible shield to protect the hair and increase ease of movement and softness.

Key Benefits:

  •  Creates natural-looking sheen.
  •  Adds softness, and builds an invisible protective shield activated by the heat of a blow-dryer.

Usage Tips:

  • Can be used alone as a styling product.
  • Spray evenly throughout the length and ends of hair and blow-dry for maximum sheen.
  • Can be used in addition to Str8 or Thick before blow-drying.
  • For added sheen, spray lightly on top of Str8 or Thick and blow-dry as desired.

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