It's all about lived-in haircolor & time-savers this year and we are here for it! As Stylists (proud to say I am one), efficiency is KEY. If we can be efficient, make money, save time all without compromising results, would we want it any other way? 

The Alex is an Express Balayage Technique created by RUSK Artistic Director, Katie Brenner. (@KTBHAIR) inspired by her client, Alex, who loves dimensional color but needs it low-maintenance because she doesn't have the time to visit every 6-8 weeks. 

Express Balayage has become Katie's signature and her partner-in-crime? RUSKin10. RUSKin10 is a non-progressive haircolor that works in 10 minutes!

From 100% gray coverage, to highlights, lowlights, toning and color correction you can do any color service, did I mention, in 10 minutes? 

It's claim to fame: It does not go darker. The common concern with Express Haircolor is the transition and changing your appointment book. We were so used to a 45-minute processing time, we have to adjust to this time-saving dream. We kept that in mind when creating RUSKin10 , so you can use it risk-free. So we are on the subject, the other things I absolutely love about this Haircolor is BOOST. A colorless booster that adds an extra level of lift to any haircolor. So, you can amplify reds and coopers (checkout the pic above!), increase levels of lift for your brondes, use as a base breaker or a color correction tool. 

It's really a rockstar. For more information, be sure to checkout RUSK Freedom Academy and follow us on @RUSKHAIRCARE on Instagram! 


1 oz. RUSKin10 6R

1 oz. RUSKin10 Boost 

3 oz. 30 Volume RUSK Developer

HOT TIP: RUSKin10 Boost increases vibrancy! Add it into any RUSKin10 formula.



  1. Carve out a middle part.
  2. Separate the front from the back from top of ears on both sides.



  1. Starting at the nape, gather horizontal sections and paint in ‘V’s.
  2. Follow technique to reach the top of head.
  3. To complete both sides, work in diagonal back sections painting ‘V’s up to middle part.
  4. Process RUSKIN10 for 10 minutes - Do not use heat!


  1. Rinse well and shampoo using RUSK ColorX Shampoo.
  2. Apply 2-Minute Masque, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse well.
  3. Finish using your favorite RUSK Styling products.



PRO TIP from Katie Brenner, @kbthair:

"You can use lightener for this technique if you want a blonder end-result. We recommend Ultimate Blonde Gentle Cream Lightener for hand painting as it won’t dry out. (Mixing ratio 1:2)"